Why Not Make Them Pretty?

| December/January 1991

  • Fairbanks Morse

  • Fairbanks Morse

3237 W. North view Phoenix, Arizona 85051.

We bought this 1924 Fairbanks Morse from Glen Frederickson of Mesa, Arizona. It was in fair shape, so restoration was no big problem. We cleaned it, added new oak rails for the cart, and added some missing parts.

Then my wife, Shay, said, 'You guys always think everything has to be the original color. Why not make them pretty? ' So we decided this should be her engine. It was then painted with red oxide and then three coats of XO-33 purple, an OSHA safety color, then some freehand lettering and flowers, then two coats of clean Emeron.

Shay exhibited her engine at a show at the Sheppard Farm in Buckeye, Arizona, and received a blue ribbon for Public Choice. We got lots of comments and had much fun, which made my wife feel more a part of our engine club.