When Ads Make The Book

| March/April 1999

8300 Highway 281 Egeland, North Dakota 58331 -9648

I came across an interesting old book, The Practical Gas Engineer with ads, that 'make' the book. It was written by E. W. Loganecker, M. D., copyrighted December 1910, in a red hardbound cover 4' x 6', eighth edition. It's subtitled A Manual of Practical Gas and Gasoline Engine Knowledge,' and has 165 pages, no pictures, but has 14 pages of old advertisements. Some ads are for Motsinger Auto Sparkers, Motsinger D.C. magnetos, Hendricks type S & J styles, New Way gas engines, Lambert gas engines, and the Lambert car. One model of the car was 40 HP and cost $2,000.

One ad that caught my eye was this one, The Gas Engine Magazine, cost $1.00 a year! And it, as you can see, advertises 'Every engine user should read this magazine. Full information on care, operation, construction, etc., of gas and gasoline engines,' etc.

The front plate of the book has the signature of a student, 'William Michel, N. D. A. C. Room 12, January 4,1911.' N. D., A. C. stands for North Dakota Agriculture College, located in Fargo, and now evolved into North Dakota State University.

Fun reading.