Wheeling Man Retires Antique Gas Engine Collection

| December/January 1998

  • Mark Mc Clemming

    Catherine Stortz

  • Mark Mc Clemming

The following article is reprinted with permission from the Constitution-Tribune, American Publishing, Chillicothe, Missouri, where it originally appeared in the July 16, 1998 edition. Catherine Stortz, News Editor, is author and photographer.

Mark Mc Clemming knew exactly what he wanted, and he knew exactly where to get it.

That's why he made a 350-mile trip from his home in northern Illinois to Wheeling, where Lloyd Coleman, 88, lives.

What Mc Clemming wanted was part of Coleman's collection of 37 antique gas engines being auctioned that Saturday.

'I came Friday night,' said Mc Clemming, a collector owning about 25 antique gas engines. 'I was only after one engine that would complete my set and I was ready to turn around and go home if it wasn't what I wanted.'

Mc Clemming, like the buyers attending the auction, found out about the sale through advertisements, including a national gas engine magazine. While some people might not walk across the street to look at an antique gas engine, that Saturday's sale attracted enthusiasts who didn't think twice about traveling great distances. In addition to Missouri and Illinois, those attending came from Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Tennessee, Texas and Oklahoma.