What is the difference between a Hercules and an Economy???!

| September/October 1974

  • Economy a Hercules

  • Economy a Hercules

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Many times in the short period that I have been reading GEM, I have come across this question. Some people, when sending in pictures, will call an Economy a Hercules, a Hercules, an Economy, and one person even called his a 'Hercules/Economy.' I hope this article will clear up this matter.

There are several ways in which to distinguish between these two;

1 --the water hopper- A Hercules has a water hopper with rounded edges. An Economy also has rounded edges but in a more square form. The hole to fill the jacket on a Hercules is an oval. On an Economy, it is square.

2 --the muffler - The Hercules muffler is shaped like a bell, similar to that of a Domestic. An Economy muffler is shaped like a ball.

3 -- the gas fill - A Hercules has a cap that opens upward. An Economy has one that opens sideways.