What Is It?

| September/October 1975

My 'unknown' engine. It's in the 3/4 - 1 HP range and is of a hit or miss type. The mag is a Tripolar Webster Oscillator. No name - just part of casting numbers.

3 Iby Street, South Burlington, Vermont 05401.

Need Help!

I would appreciate any information anyone may have on where this engine was manufactured and for what purpose it was used. It was stuck when I got it, but I have it all apart now and will soon assemble it

I'm now restoring a Woman's Friend washing machine with an early Briggs & Stratton. This has the valves through the head and the carb mounts on the base. I have it done and running. Just need to go over the wooden tub and it will be finished.

I would like to hear from other collectors and would like to hear from anyone concerning the Associated and the Briggs.

WHAT IS IT? We found the holds where the plate was riveted on but it's gone. It has one cylinder air cooled engine. A bell housing with provision for an electric starter (automobile style), it is gone also. It now has a r<>: pull starter on the front. Behind the bell housing is a transmission and then a brake on the output shaft and a drive shaft with universal joints at both ends. It also has a worm gear steering box on top of the bell housing. The cable laying over the steering wheel is the throttle control. The gas tank is mounted on top of the engine, but the bracket looks homemade, so I don't think that set-up is original. It has a very strange intake also. The funny shaped hole in the side of the air shroud next to the starter pulley leads right into the carb intake. There is a mesh air filter that slips in and seals around the carb on the inside and also the shroud on the outside so the air pressure from the flywheel veins force-feeds the carb. It has a flywheel mag, but the carb was burned up when we got it, so we ran new wires to the points inside the flywheel and ran them out through a hole in the plate to a Volkswagen coil and battery and fired the plug that way. The markings are: Courtesy of Tom Campbell, Route 1, Box 115, Zion, Illinois 60099