What Engine Is It?

In this installment of an ongoing feature, one reader answers a "what engine" question from a previous issue and another reader poses the question anew for his own engine.

| July/August 1968

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    What engine is this? A reader seeks help with identification.
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    Another view of Mr. Kempher's mystery engine.

  • what-engine1
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There's no single story here. Some readers/engine hobbyists just want you to know what engine(s) they're working or thinking about or trying to identify or have identified. 

In answer to A. L. Rennewanz's "What Is It?" questions from the January/February 1968 issues of Gas Engine Magazine, it's a 5 hp Domestic engine, side shaft model in combination with a Schramm Air Compressor. Two hoppers cast together, same bore and stroke, also two flywheels mounted on two crank, two-bearing crank shaft. One side engine, the other compressor marketed under name of Schramm. They were used for small construction and mining jobs around the turn of the century.—Thomas C. Craves

I have a small marine engine which has no name or numbers on it anywhere. Does anyone know the make or have any information to help identify it? I've provided photos. It is two cycle with a three inch bore and a three inch stroke. The solid flywheel is 1 7/8-in by 11 3/16-in. The lever just in front of the flywheel allows the engine to be started in either direction by changing the point of ignition on a rotating contact on the flywheel shaft. The plunger type water pump is cam driven from the drive shaft and directly back of the cam is a ball bearing race to take care of propeller thrust. I am not sure the Kingston carburetor is original. It is solid brass as are all other outside fittings. The large throttle valve connects the crank case with the cylinder port. Instead of an inlet deflector on top of the piston it has a rectangular casting with a hole in the top which forces the incoming gas to the top of cylinder.—George F. Kempher