Vertical Sandow Gas Engine

| January/February 1991

  • Sandow gas engine

  • Sandow gas engine

441 S. Milton, Shelley, Idaho 83274 Photo by Ron Weber.

This is a photo of a 2? HP vertical Sandow gas engine, manufactured by the Detroit Motor Car Supply Company of Detroit, Michigan. According to the book American Gasoline Engines Since 1872, this engine is the only model produced by this company, using hopper cooling and was only produced around 1913. The engine operates on the two cycle principle and uses 'fuel injection' with no fuel/oil mix needed. Drip oilers are used for both cylinder and bearing lubrication.

As with most neat old rusty objects we drag home, this unit was seized up and presented many unique problems in restoration, but it is now up and running and with help from my daughter, Jeanie Willingham, while on vacation from Texas, it has a new coat of paint with wheat straw embellishments and other painted details that I alone would not have been capable of doing.