Vermont-Made Engines

| June/July 1986

RR#1, Cabot, Vermont 05647

I have done some research on Vermont engine companies mostly Abenaque and A. W. Gray. There were three or four other companies that actually manufactured engines and others that simply put their tag on someone else's engine.

Let me give a brief history of the A. W. Gray Co. I am using information from the 1953-54 winter issue of Vermont Life magazine and several of the company catalogs from different years which I have.

The founder, Albert W. Gray, was born in Dorset, Vermont in 1810. His first invention was a corn sheller in 1836, for which he received a patent. In 1844 he invented and patented a tread horse power which was recognized as the best of its kind in the world.

The company was started in 1840 and named the A. W. Gray Horse Power Company. Gray's sons got into the company and in 1875, A. W. disposed of his interests in the company because of ill health. From that time until 1912 or 13 the company was known as A. W. Gray's Sons.

Around this time the hopper cooled engine appeared. After this time they were called the 'Gray Line.' The engine was patented October 3, 1905 and the first were gearless, known by the 'old timers' in the area as the 'cross-over-cam'.