US Electric

Generator SET

| August/September 1995

US Electric generator

2 Donnacona Crescent Scarborough, Ontario M1E 3P9

I would like to share with the readers of GEM a couple of pictures of my latest restoration. It is a US Electric generator set, model M06NW26, serial number 119601. It was made by the United States Motor Corporation of Oshkosh, Wisconsin in 1947.

When I purchased it last summer it was in good condition externally with most of its original parts. Mechanically it needed a connecting rod, valves, carburetor overhaul, piston and rings.

This engine is water-cooled and was probably fitted in a boat for use as a 12 volt power source. It could be started with a battery or the rope pulley to provide the needed electrical power. It would have been below deck; therefore, lacking proper air circulation the attached water pump would draw in lake water to cool the engine, expelling it back into the lake. It features a Zenith air cleaner, automatic choke and a gasoline recovery system for catching any flooded gasoline and piping it back to the intake manifold.

The engine is based on a Briggs and Stratton model NP. All of the internal parts, engine base, flywheel, carburetor, starter pulley, shroud, and ignition system are all Briggs parts. So, as you can see, most Briggs collectors refer to this engine as a water-cooled Briggs. I do not know whether Briggs did any of the block and head castings or what role they played in production.

I completely disassembled the engine, glass beaded all of the metal parts, and repainted it as close to the original colour with a medium green paint with a hammer tone finish.