| May/June 1980

  • Rumely paper weight

  • Rumely paper weight

R.D. 2, Box 118, Littlestown, Pennsylvania 17340

Enclosed is a picture of an Advance-Rumely paper weight. I obtained this little tractor about 15 years ago at an antique shop. Over the years that I've received the Gas Engine Magazine, I've seen pictures of paper weights with gas engines on them, but never an oil pull. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who could shed some light about this tractor such as how old is it? Was it something only dealers were able to get?

The pattern maker who made the pattern to cast it was certainly well experienced in his field. When the tractor is turned upside down, if you look between the rear wheels the whole tractor is hollow inside. The picture does not do justice to the craftsmanship as even the pin striping was etched onto the wheels.

The oil can came from an implement dealer who went into business back in the 1930s but gave up the IHC dealership sometime in the 1940s to sell New Idea. The cans new and never used remained in storage from that time until about 1? years ago.

I collect IHC engines and have been interested in the hobby ever since my grandparents took me to my first show back in the late 1950s.

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