| June/July 1999

  • 75791 aircooled
    Type blank, HP 1, 75791 aircooled, 1926.
  • Hopper Cooled
    Type A, HP 2, 201209, hopper cooled, 1915.

  • 75791 aircooled
  • Hopper Cooled

611 Hollow Horn Road, Ottsville, Pennsylvania 18942

After waking up at 5:00 a.m. on the first day of a new year and rolling in bed long enough, I decided to head for my easy chair in the living room.

I reached behind the chair and pulled an old GEM out of a bag that I had lent to my son-in-law. (He is very close to the edge. I gave him two Maytags a while back and I'm expecting that phone call any day, saying 'Hey, Pap, I got them running!' I'll never tell him I ran them, maybe 20 years ago, when they were shelved.)

Anyway, the GEM I pulled out was Volume 21, August 1986. When I got to page 17, I noticed an interesting serial number list for Associated and United engines.

About two months ago, I was lucky enough to acquire two United engines, my first find in a couple of years. So, with flashlight in hand, I headed for my basement shop to read the serial numbers: #1 is type A, 2? HP, 201208 serial, hopper cooled, 1915; #2 is type (?) 1? HP, 75791 serial, air-cooled (fan missing), 1926.

This brought a couple of interesting points to mind.