United Hit & Miss Engine

| May/June 1995

  • United Hit and Miss engine
    This is a picture of a United Hit and Miss engine Type A, 1 horsepower, serial #108176which I purchased three years ago.

  • United Hit and Miss engine

900 Beesley Avenue Jacksonville, Illinois 62650

After making a fuel tank I was still a long way from making it run. The magneto was missing and the igniter was gone, but someone had tapped threads for a sparkplug in it. That wouldn't be a problem if I could come up with a suitable ignition system.

I wanted it to be self sufficient, so I wouldn't have to carry a battery around with it when I take it to shows, so I took a G.M. heater blower motor and removed the fan from it. I then adapted the smallest V belt pulley I could find to the shaft of the blower motor. I made a mounting bracket to bolt on the magneto mount using the existing magneto mounting holes. Next I ran a belt from the flywheel to the blower motor.

Now I had a source of power to operate an ignition coil. After adding a 12-volt coil I made some ignition points out of some steel banding after soldering copper contacts on it. After installing the points and getting it timed, I gave it a couple of cranks and it fired right off and runs great. This is how I overcame my problem of a missing magneto. If anyone can tell me the year it was built I would appreciate it.