| July/August 1999

We recently received a stack of memorabilia from Kenneth Schafer of 6144 Olstead Road, Muir, MI 48860.

'I really don't have a good story about my Uncle Frank's Galloway 5 HP engine. He used it for many years buzzing fire wood till they got the 10-20 tractor. He sold it to a neighbor. They didn't take good care of it and ran it too fast--broke the crank, then sold it for junk--but he kept all the papers.

'My uncle's name was Frank Xavier Schafer. That's why the 'x' is in his name. He passed away about 25 years ago.'

Kenneth asked us to print the Galloway papers, which you'll find here and on the next seven pages. We weren't able to reprint all of the material he sent us, however. One item of interest was a blank 'Plan No. 5-- Installment; No Interest' agreement, which permitted buyers to pay for their engines with a down payment and nine equal monthly installments to the Company without interest.

Another item of interest was a $25,000 guaranty bond that went with the engine, covered by the Black Hawk National Bank. William Galloway's words appeared on the opposite side of the 'bond,' and read, in part:

'I make this $5000 challenge and back it up with real money in the bank.