Twin City Restoration

| January/February 1993

  • 16-Valve Engine

  • 16-Valve Engine

358 Linkfield Rd. Watertown, Connecticut 06795

Several years ago my son and I completed restoration of a relatively rare make and model tractor. The whole project took us about two and a half years. Extensive work was needed on the clutch, steering gear, governor, water pump, overhead rock shafts and related parts. Also transmission bearings, tie rods, carburetor, valve guides and rod bearings needed work. The radiator tubes, top and bottom, had to be resoldered. The fenders are from Bob LeFever and the engine hood was made by a local sheet metal company.

An interesting thing on this 16-valve engine is whoever installed new cylinder sleeves let them project about 1/16', which is correct, but neglected to file them down flush to the top of the block. How it ran without leaking water I don't know!

We have other tractors and engines which we exhibit at shows, especially at the Connecticut Antique Machinery Festival in Kent, Connecticut, where we are active members.