Troubleshooting the Gas Engine

Stan Read shares information on troubleshooting the gas engine, including fuel mixtures, parts of the engine and parts manufacturers to buy from.

| November/December 1966

  • Feeds very smoothly and cuts good lumber
    Photo courtesy of Alfred Eichler, Pigeon, Michigan.

  • Feeds very smoothly and cuts good lumber

Tips on troubleshooting the gas engine. 

Mr. Lewis H. Cline of Battle Creek, Michigan, has replied to the inquiry of L. E. Rapp about the Johnson Utilimotor. Lewis has a Utilimotor No. U-13318 which furnished power for a Sears Roebuck wooden tub dolly-type washer made in the mid-20's. He states that the engine wore out the washer and is still in very good shape, and that he has the instruction book.

Some advice when troubleshooting the gas engine. Fuel mixture: One half pint of medium heavy oil to one gallon of common gasoline or one part oil to sixteen parts gasoline. Magneto breaker point setting: Ten thousandths of an inch or use the small plate on flywheel which is .010 inch thick. Every 90 days add a few drops of oil to small cup at top of crankcase. Spark plug gap: .025 inch. Fuel adjustment: With the motor stopped, loosen the set screw in needle valve with a small screwdriver. Then with screwdriver, screw needle valve in until it stops. Turn needle valve lever to the right against stop and holding it in that position turn the needle valve open five-eighths of a turn. Then lock the set screw in the needle valve lever. The choke plate should fit tightly over the air inlet, shutting off all air when motor is being choked. The choke plate and needle valve lever are connected together by a link on later models and the automatic choke model has the choke linkage connected to the starter pedal. Earlier model has separate choke control directly connected to left-hand thread needle valve. When the motor is choked the mixture will be made richer by needle valve being opened slightly.

This is the mill I am using now. It was 6 years on August 8 that I used it the first time. It is very rigid, feeds very smoothly and cuts good lumber.

If flywheel is removed, be sure on replacing that the drive pin enters the elongated hole in the rotor to the right of the breaker cam, sighting thru the opening under the plate in the flywheel. These engines are hit and miss governed, and when under no load will not fire regularly.

Mr. Cline suggests trying Hastings Mfg. Co., Hastings, Michigan, for rings or Outboard Marine Corp. Thanks to Mr. Cline for this information and for passing it on to us.


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