Trophy Bagged While Horn Hunting

| September/October 1996

  • Harris engine

  • Harris engine

6230 E. 81st N., Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401

D. J. Baisch, 6230 East 81st North, Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401, in his story 'Trophy Bagged While Horn Hunting,' shares his tale of how finding an engine can even cure the sick! Look inside for his account.

A friend of mine buys game horns and antlers, and asked me to go along for a couple of days while he looked for them. I wasn't feeling well, but I decided to go anyway.

Well we used up about two days, stopping at a million places, and all this time I'm getting sicker and sicker. My friend is still stopping at every pile of rock dwelling that might house a person who 'woulda-coulda' killed some horned animal in the last decade or so.

Finally, I told him, 'We are going to have to go, because I would have to get better to die, and if you stop beyond this last place I'll muster up enough energy to hog-tie you and throw you in the back with the horns!'

I thought I couldn't feel any worse when we pulled into the last place wrong again. But, I decided to get out and talk to this last old guy, and handed him my 'old junk collector business card.' I asked him if he'd seen or had anything like the drawings on the card. He looked at it for a minute and said, 'Well, I got a couple of old motors my uncle bought way back when one is that old fell-in shed, and the other one is out in the pasture north of here about a quarter of a mile. We used it on a thresher 'til about 1935 or '40 and the one under the shed was used on a grain grinder.'