Treasure Is Where You Find It

| December/January 1992

  • 'Neat' engine

  • 'Neat' engine

225 S. Washington, Belle Plaine, Kansas 67013

A few weeks ago, my wife came out to my garage/shop to bother me with chit-chat. Seems one of our friends had told his wife to call and have Betty tell me that he had spotted a 'neat' engine in a neighbor's garage and that the neighbor would sell it.

Well, I'd been in that fellow's garage, neat as a pin it was, and there wasn't a sign of any flywheel type engine there! So I told the wife, 'Yeah, yeah, I'll go see him one of these days.' But I just got too busy cleaning, painting, restoring old engines to do much running around on wild goose chases.

Then about a week later, the friend asked Betty if I had looked at the engine. Well, when she got home from her afternoon card game, she lit into me for not following up on such a good tip. So just to keep her quiet, I hopped in my pickup and drove the few blocks over to Woody's garage.

By golly, Woody had a 1? HP Sattley, original paint and decals! It had been in the corner of his garage for 20-some years. Needless to say, it found a new home pronto. Betty said she could see my grin before I even turned into the driveway. Took just a little adjustment and it runs like a dream!

Guess the moral of this story is: 'Treasure is where you find it.' Or maybe, 'Listen to your wife!'