Traves Engine

| May/June 2000

  • Traves Engine

  • Traves Engine

5523 South Peach, Fresno, California 93725

This picture is a millennium gift to you readers-perhaps the first major find of the new millennium.

The photo was sent to me over the holidays by two good friends of mine, Mike and John Boyajian. They found this picture while walking through an antique shop on the Fulton Mall in Fresno.

As far as we know, this is the only proof there is of this engine ever existing, and we would like to share it with you.

This engine was built by C.E. Traves in Fresno, California. Another example of the wild west ingenuity of California. Take a good look at the rocker arm, friction drive, chain drive ignitors, cooling tank in the front, and the pinstriping. This is what our hobby is about, ever more exciting all the time.

If you know anything of this rare C. E. Traves engine, please send me any information you might have about it. Railroad enthusiasts would enjoy it also!