Trailer of engines

| September/October 1975

The picture of the trailer of engines is the one I had at our club show at Boonville, Indiana in August. The engines on the trailer are as follows, from rear of trailer to front, 1-1/2 H.P. Gray Motor Co., back of it on the left side is an International type M 1-1/2 H.P., beside it is a LB International 1-1/2 and 2-1/2 H.P., behind it is an Economy 1-1/2 H.P. manufactured by Hercules at Evansville, Indiana, and beside it is a Fairbanks Morse solid flywheel 2 H.P. Sitting in background is a 6 H.P. Fairbanks Morse and a CT-2 s H.P. Stover engine. Courtesy of Jerry W. Weber, R.R. HI, Owensboro, Kentucky 42301

Pictured is a little wagon, a model built for me when I was a child. It was built by my father, H.S. Weber, R.R. #3, Lewisport, Kentucky. The wagon has many sentimental values that no price could be set upon it.

The picture of the horizontal engine is of a Victor Horizontal manufactured by International Harvester Company. It is a 4 H.P. throttle governed model, 400 R.P.M., serial no. RE 4192. I purchased this engine back in the summer. It came out of an old buggy factory at Crofton, Kentucky. As far as anyone knows, the engine was bought new and installed in the factory to pull the elevator to raise and lower the buggies and parts from one floor to another. The engine was very well cared for as long as it was used, and had an engine room closed off from the rest of the factory to protect it from dust and other foreign particles in the air. After the factory went out of business the engine sat in dry storage for many years, while the building was used for many other purposes. At the time I purchased it, the engine did not have a stuck part on it. This is the first engine I've ever seen with this type of mag on it. No one around the factory could remember the engine ever running or what year it was used last, but it was believed to have been back in the late twenties or early thirties. Courtesy of Jerry Weber, R.R. #1, Owensboro, Kentucky 42301

The picture of the engine running is with myself and my 4-1/4 year old daughter, who is a devoted gas engine fan.

Of the engines I like best is the vertical Nonpareil Famous engine manufactured by International Harvester Company. It is a 4 H.P., 450 R.P.M., vertical model serial no. BK 418. The picture of it running by itself shows a good view of the name plate and the round cylinder chamber which is different from the 2 and 3 H.P. Famous vertical models which are well known. Courtesy of Jerry W. Weber, R.R. #1, Owensboro, Kentucky 42301


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