To The Ladies

| September/October 1981

To The Ladies

Everyone should have a hobby. Mine are varied-I like to garden, crochet, knit, needlepoint and do all kinds of handcrafts. So how did I get started working with gas engines? It goes back quite a few years. My husband, Harvey, had a friend in Carlisle who was an engine buff. John and Harvey would talk engines while I listened.

Harvey had learned his machinist trade in Carlisle as a young man, so he had mechanical ability to tackle the tearing down and building up of the gas engines. Harvey found his first engine in a junk yard in Potts-town and a friend brought it home in his station wagon.

That was the start of the saga. The numbers increased and there were many humps in the back yard under the covers of which were engines- restored, being restored and waiting to be restored. Some of these engines were restored in our basement and some in the yard.

We acquired so many we had an engine house constructed. This meant I had painting to do inside to get the garage ready for the engines. Our 32 V Delco power plant furnishes the light for the engine house.

The first engine restored was an Economy. After Harvey had it finished and running I painted the lettering and background. This was fairly simple. I had never done any thing like this, but since I had liked art in school (which had included working with paints) I was willing to try.

My first attempt turned out fairly well and gave me courage to go on and tackle the more difficult striping tasks that followed. In each instance Harvey was delighted with the results even though there was room for improvement. This gave me the encouragement to tackle the more difficult and tedious striping of the New Holland engines.