Tired Iron

| November/December 1969

  • Hit and Miss
    Courtesy of Russell Ginnow, 3125 W. Fisk Ave., Rt. 3, Oshkosh, Wisconsin 54901
    Russell Ginnow
  • Fuller Johnson Engine
    Courtesy of Bill May, 1591 Greenfield Drive, El Cajon, California 92021.
    Bill May

  • Hit and Miss
  • Fuller Johnson Engine

3125 W. Fisk Ave. R.3 Oshkosh, Wis. 54901

Another gasoline engine I have restored is a Hippe-Steiner made in Chilton, Wisconsin. It is six horse power at 350 RPM, no serial number, 6/2 inch bore, 8 inch stroke, hit and miss governor, make and break battery ignition and 36 inch flywheels.

This engine has a few things that I don't see on other engines, like the cylinder head cast in one piece with the cylinder. The valves are in a 'F' arrangement. The exhaust valve is about 21 inches long, coming back to an adjusting screw on a lever. This lever is on a shaft that goes through the base to the other side to another lever with a roller running on the exhaust cam. The governor is on one flywheel with a linkage by the exhaust valve adjusting screw. A separate cam runs the igniter continuous. The battery is grounded through a grounding switch on the exhaust lever to stop the igniter from using current when the engine is coasting. The carburetor and connecting rod are made of solid bronze. The rod bearing has a spring loaded grease cup, the main bearings have oil reservoirs, and the cylinder an oil cup. All the ?inch screws have 12 threads per inch instead of the now standard ?-13. I wonder if anyone knows what year this change over was made.

This engine was complete with wagon and pulley with clutch but the gas tank and battery box had rotted away. Everything was badly rusted and the piston was stuck. Under some grease I found the engine was painted blue with yellow striping on the flywheels and the wagon was red.

It took new rings, a homemade wrist pin, small pins and springs, gas tank, battery box, complete paint job and a lot of work on all parts to make it run. This engine seems to be quite large for six horse power.

I haven't seen or heard of any other Hippe-Steiner engines. I wonder if any one who has one could give me any information as to sizes and when they were made.