Tips on Rebuilding or Restoring

1 & 3 and 3-6 HP ELLIS ENGINES

| September/October 1987

P.O. Box 292, Weeping Water, 'Nebraska 68463

Probably there are other people more knowledgeable on these engines, but these tips I have learned from experience and I haven't seen anything in print on this before. If I had, it would have saved me a lot of time and trouble.

NO. 1. When engine has been standing for some time, do not attempt to turn over or start before taking off oil pump and checking inside for broken or stuck parts such as slides and white metal cams. These cams were designed to break should slides be stuck to keep from ruining other inside parts.

NO. 2. After taking engine apart, check all parts for breakage and wear. Be sure to thoroughly check cylinder head, especially on 1 and 3 HP to make sure all water passages are clear and open. Do not remove pins or locking rings in position as a ported engine has to have them.

NO. 3. Distributor and Governor Shaft. These shafts and top distributor bracket are usually badly worn as there is no provision to oil them. The hole in distributor casting is just brass bushing installed-either oilite, or it can be drilled on inside next to cylinder for ?  zerk. This is almost not visible and then only to an expert.

On lower end of shaft is babbitt bearing, sometimes usable, bearing, sometimes usable, sometimes completely worn out. There is a small oil hole in inside bore of governor gear to oil this, but it is so small it usually fills up with dirt or foreign matter before engine is very old letting this bearing run dry. If this has to be rebabbitted be sure to get top of surface to be at least. 125 above casting so that governor gear carrier hard washer is high enough to let gears mesh properly, and the distributor disk is high enough that it doesn't drag on distributor holding casting. If you have to make a new cylinder mounting gasket, be sure it is not too thick as your cylinder height has to be so disk won't drag. We do the same thing on the bottom bearing as on the upper. On the front side of engine, or mixing valve side, above the crankshaft drill hole at an angle for ? zerk. If located right it is almost hidden behind gear guards. We know this is not original, but is a way to oil or grease these parts.


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