Tips and Tales

| September/October 1975

Vankleek Hill, R.RJ2, Ontario, Canada, KOB 1RO

Here are a few tips and a few questions for your gas engine neighbors.

A year or two ago a gentleman from Saschatewan, Canada, I believe, asked where people got the trucks and lubricators for the gas engines that he saw in G.E.M.

Go to an implement dealer who takes in old farm machinery in trade and look for old grain binders, hay loaders or horsedrawn disk harrows. The truck wheels make very good engine trucks. For lubricators, go to auction sales and before the sale starts look in the boxes in junk then bid on the boxes they are in. For some reason people sold their old engines for scrap but kept the bright feed oilers.

I got three at one sale and one at another last summer and I missed four more at sales I did not attend.

My experience of getting a stuck piston out of my latest addition, a 1-1/2 H.P. Essex engine. Sold by Percival Plow Company, Merrichville, Ontario. Where made I do not know.