Throttle Governor to Hit-And-Miss Engine

Ingenious restorer transforms a throttle-governed 1917 6 HP Ingeco Type W into a hit-and-miss beauty

| June/July 2012

I bought a 1917 6 HP Ingeco Worthington Type W at the Tuckahoe Steam & Gas Assn. Show in Easton, Md., in July 2010. Being raised in my father’s shadow at his boat yard, I had been around this type of engine early enough to remember them on board ships for loading and unloading or winching anchors, saw mills and so on.

The Type W was still on its original wagon, but the wagon stayed in Maryland. Overall, the engine had been well taken care of and only had minor wear — but it had a freeze crack the full length of the underside of the cylinder water jacket. To fix this, I ground out a groove the full length of the crack and welded it up with an acetylene torch and brass.

The engine was complete minus a mag, so I installed a Webster Tri-Polar magneto. The crankshaft was showing just a little wear, but I know running round is better than running square, so I had the crank welded, then turned back to standard. The rod journal was perfect.

Setting up the bearings

When I set up my bearings I use a trick my dad taught me back in the late 1940s/early 1950s. I shim the bearing using 30 weight oil, and when the fit feels right I add cup grease and watch them fly. Seems like magic, but it works.

Of course, the valves and guides were worn out — but a couple of Caterpillar valves did the trick. The Caterpillar valve stems are oversized, so all I had to do was open up the guides to fit larger valve stems. The photo above shows the difference in the size of the stem and length. I cut the stems to length and drilled for pins. Being one piece valves and not expensive makes Caterpillar valves very worthy of these old, large engines. The valve heads were the same size as the old valve heads. An easy fix! I do as many of my own repairs and replacements as I can.


When I stripped everything apart I looked for old paint on the flywheels. On the block and tank I found white paint, but under the ID tag I found red. I had heard the true color was dark green, but I did not find any anywhere, so I went with red with yellow pinstripes.