| May/June 1966

  • 18 x 36 Hart Parr
    Courtesy of Mr. Albert Fife, Milton, Ontario, Canada.
    Mr. Albert Fife
  • 1929 Graham Page Locomotive
    O. C. Davis A. A. C. A. Engineer, with his 1929 Graham Paige Locomotive built exclusively for Paramount Pictures.
  • Mod. Z Fairbanks-Morse, sliding table saw-rig'
    Courtesy of W. C. Wally Getman, Route 2, Washougal, Washington
    W. C. ''Wally'' Getman
  • Avery 18-36 H.P. Engine
    Courtesy of Wilbur A. Skaar, 1429 Benton Street, Alameda, California 94502.
    Wilbur A. Skaar
  • 16-30 Rumely Oil Pull Type H
    Courtesy of Ellis M. Wellman, 1012 West 32nd Street, Erie, Penna. 16508.
    Ellis M. Wellman

  • 18 x 36 Hart Parr
  • 1929 Graham Page Locomotive
  • Mod. Z Fairbanks-Morse, sliding table saw-rig'
  • Avery 18-36 H.P. Engine
  • 16-30 Rumely Oil Pull Type H

Route 2, Washougal, Washington

My 5 hp. Mod. Z Fairbanks-Morse and sliding table saw-rig. Note this engine runs backward. I reversed the cam.

Naturally being born before gas engines became popular, my first love was steam engines. Although, soon after the advent of gas engines (they had wheels too) I became addicted to them also.

In a few years, after this new power became more or less perfected, every farmer had from one to three or four gas engines used, among other things, for pumping water, grinding feed, sawing wood and power for the family washing machine. Needless to say, it soon became a thriving business. I took to these new machines very readily and became quite handy at 'tinkering' them up when they refused to run. The neighbors soon depended on me when having engine trouble.

About this time my father bought a 11/2 Hp. Economy engine for our water pump. (The old windmill had blown down) The pump-jack bolted to the base of the engine and the gear meshed into the timing gear on the crankshaft. (no belt).

Wood being our fuel on the farm prompted me to rig up a saw-rig with this engine for power. Lacking power, this arrangement was not too successful. I started looking for more power. Finally a 21/2 Hp. United was located and bought. This act really started something - I started buying engines. In those days few old engines were traded in on new ones so the country was full of these rejects. Being just a 'kid', most farmers were very lenient in dealing with me. Engines were bought in a price range from fifty cents to not over two and a half dollars. After buying several, my Dad's team was employed, hitched to a sleigh or wagon to bring them home.


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