Thompson Tiger

| May/June 1989

  • Thompson Tiger

  • Thompson Tiger

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Enclosed is a photo of my newly restored Thompson Tiger. This unit was made by the J. Thompson & Sons Mfg. Company, Beloit, Wisconsin. It is a 6 HP serial No. 6312G. It has spark plug ignition, a spark saver device, and although pitted and rusted, actually ran when I got it. I used the design from the American Gas Engine book by C. H. Wendel to have the decal painted on the hopper. My local sign painter, Mac MacKenzie, did a super job. If anyone wants to use the pattern for this I am happy to lend it out. The green paint appeared under the nameplate. We guessed the striping.

I have never seen one of these units before or even heard of them. From the casting designs, it appears that it was made by Thompson, as the castings and dry head appear unique to the make. It is a hefty engine, weighing about 1,250 pounds. I guess the year of manufacture at 1912 to 1914.