This Heartless Critter!!

| November/December 1995

IHC Nonpareil, vertical 4 HP engine'

R.D.1, Box 642 Monisdale, Pennsylvania 16858

I recently restored an IHC Nonpareil, vertical 4 HP, serial RK155, 450 speed. I purchased this engine from the wife of a friend of mine, whose name was Charlie Kramer. He had purchased the engine from his wife's grandfather who had done some bartering with my father over the years. a vertical IHC at one time. It's possible this may be same engine, but for lack of living proof, I don't know if it is engine.

During the restoration of this Insensitive, Heartless Critter, I was dumped from the back of my garden tractor while trying to move it on skids, and suffered back injuries from moving heavy flywheels. Afterwards, I mounted it on wheels for easy maneuvering.

After about a year of scraping, sanding, machining, grinding, and fitting, to painting and assembling, plus much doctoring and many dollars later, I now have this beautiful hunk of red iron that I call my 'Non Peril Famous IHC.'

A big thanks to Bill Brown for hauling the engine home; to my brother Darl for materials and for the knowledge and help he willingly gave; and to my nephew Mike for helping with the first start up.