Things I Learned The Hard Way!

| August/September 1996

52200 Fairfield Avenue Rush City, Minnesota 55069

Growing up on the farm, I can remember Alvin Anderson sawing the neighbor's stove wood with a 6 HP IHCM saw rig mounted on a 1930s Ford car chassis.

We could hear that engine over a mile away on a crisp winter's day.

At his estate sale a few years ago, my sealed bid on the 6 HP was successful. That was the start of my affair with engines. It seems like one engine leads to the next, and at the Anderson's Rock Creek Relics Show in Eastern Minnesota was a 11/2 HP M sitting in the shop. The owner was trying to get it started so he could sell it. We made a deal and I had my work cut out for me!

The hopper was full of lime deposits and mouse nests, and the cylinder had a pit the size of a quarter that was 1/32' deep. Sure was glad to have a removable cylinder.

After a complete cleaning, a good cylinder and guidance from Howard and Wayne Olson, some parts from GEM advertisers, sandblasting and painting, I had a nice little engine. The rebuild took place at work over the winter, after hours. I had more engine parts on my bench than work in process! Thank you, Ed, for letting me work there.