The W-D 13


| October/November 1988

415 Oak Alley Houma, Louisiana 70360

I have built many models and my latest is a wild dream-a 13 cubic inch hit and miss.

About a year ago Dick Gibbons came by and gave me two 14' pulleys that came out of an ice cream machine and said, 'You might want to build a motor.' A year later I decided to build a motor with a lot of moving parts. It's a vertical motor with two revolving side shafts. I found two sets of 90* drive gears from a 1976 Harley Davidson motorcycle, the Zenith carburetor from a lawn mower and I fabricated all the other parts. With suggestions from many friends, I came up with this creation.

The left rotating shaft drives the water pump and the fly ball governor. The right shaft drives the fuel pump and the cam for the points. The pump pumps fuel to the carburetor and any excess fuel goes back into the tank. The cylinder is water cooled and the head is air cooled.

After about 800 hours I completed the motor. It is easy to start and runs very smooth. This motor was shown at the Laurel Valley Show this year for the first time. It drew quite a bit of attention. The bore is 2.375', stroke is 3', compression ratio 4.5 to 1, flywheels 14' diameter, 4' square oil field tubing with stainless steel sleeve, head-aluminum, height is 34', base is aluminum, width is 18', .750' crankshaft, weight is 80 pounds.