The True Engine Man

| August/September 1997

  • Three IHC engines
    Ed Bacon of Windsor, Vermont with three IHC engines.
    Wes Hrydziusko

  • Three IHC engines

R.R. 1, Box 165 Windsor, Vermont 05089-9708

May I introduce you to a true engine man? I've been intending to do this for a long time and finally now is the time. His name is Ed, but of course there are numerous men named Ed. The person I'm talking about is Ed Bacon and he resides in my hometown Windsor, Vermont. A crane operator for Miller Construction Company in town until his retirement, Ed has had many experiences with mechanical heavy equipment, as well as light equipment. Ed has always been the 'go to' man when the fixing got tough and he'd take the bull by the horns and fix it no job was too tough for Ed.

A few years before Ed retired from the construction company, he got the one lunger bug and started collecting them. He is the one who started me collecting them, but he'll tell you that it was I who got him started.

Anyway, Ed can deal with one lungers as well, or even better, than he did with cranes and bulldozers. I have only seen him concede on one engine and he sold it in less than perfect condition but let me say that Ed never sold an engine to any person without telling them the complete story so they knew just exactly what they were buying.

When Ed gets an engine, he completely tears it down to the last bolt whatever needs fixing, get fixed and whatever needs replacing; get replaced and if anything is missing, he finds out what it's supposed to look like and makes one, and he's real good at it, too.

You can usually find Ed at shows in Orange, Bernardston, and Dalton, Massachusetts; Dublin, New Hampshire; and of course the Vermont shows in Brownington, St. Johnsbury, and Gaysville.