| October/November 1988

  • Taylor Vacuum engine

  • Taylor Vacuum engine

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The Taylor Vacuum engine was really an engineering marvel in its time. The concept is very simple and reliable.

These unique engines were built in Elgin, Illinois by the Taylor Supply Company, later to become Taylor Engine Company. The inventor and owner was Mr. Jack Taylor. I have been told that Universal Milking Machine Company was the financial backer.

What makes the Taylor engine unique is that it has two different piston and cylinder diameters. It has one large and one small in a common cylinder block (Fig. 1).

The front cylinder operates just like any engine does. The rear cylinder is the working cylinder. Taylor claimed the engine would last longer than the common engine of that time because of the extra wearing surface of the piston.

The valve block which houses the check valves is on the side of the rear cylinder. The check valves would develop the needed vacuum for the milking machine. By switching the check valves, it could be used as a compressor. These engines were primarily used for milking machines. A belt pulley could be used for general farm power also.