The Straubel Engine Story


| March/April 1998

Front of Cabin Top Hatch

Front of cabin top hatch would open and forward windows hinged to open.

27 Loon Lake Road Bigfork, Montana 59911

Since the Straubel marine engine story was printed in the July 1997 issue of GEM, I received a letter from Mr. Dick Straubel that his father, Don Straubel (son of Ernest Straubel, one of the founders of the Straubel Machine Company) passed away on May 13, 1997. He was 82 years old. I was going to wait until the article was published in GEM before I sent him an issue. I waited too long. Time waits for no man!

On the brighter side of things, I received a letter from Mr. Richard Eisenreich of Rio Linda, California, asking me to write about his experience with the Straubel engine. So here, in his own words, is his remembrance of the engine.

'I lived the first 20 years of my life in Green Bay, Wisconsin. In 1948, my brother Larry and a friend, John Nugent, acquired a boat called the The Green Bay Kid. She was 23 feet long with an eight foot beam and had a draft of 2 feet. This boat was made in 1929 by the Kidney Boat Works of De Pere, Wisconsin.

'The Greenbay Kid was designed for work having a fan tail two steering wheels, one inside the cabin and one outside. The cabin was large enough to seat 10 people. Being able to steer the boat from inside was really a plus as I put this boat through many a storm in the bay, which at times, can get as rough as Lake Michigan.

'The boat was registered with the Coast Guard, so we had all the same waterway rights as the coal ships that came into Green Bay had.