The Sparta Economy Engine News

| February/March 1997

B model engines

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At times historical details are hard to find. Such is the case with the Model C Sparta Economy gas engine that appeared briefly in 1910 after the serial number gap between 6,000 and 10,000. Economy engines falling into the Sparta Economy serial number gap were the ones sold earlier by Sears that were built by the Waterloo Gas Engine Company. Only 2,000 of the model C were built and they fall into the 10,000 to 12,000 serial number range.

The catalog and literature illustrations show several changes from the previous B model engines. The cylinder head was changed to a five bolt dry type. The igniter trip bracket is now held with two adjusting nuts on a threaded portion of the side rod.

The fuel fill is now a ? inch pipe sticking up about one inch in the area below and to the side of the connecting rod. It has a pipe cap. To put in fuel, a special long tapered funnel is required as shown in the accompanying equipment illustration. The fuel line now comes out of the front of the engine base to reach the Essex fuel mixer.

The new size of engine is introduced. It is a 1 HP and departs somewhat in design from the larger engines. It is half base and sits on wooden skids with the fuel tank located to the front. It apparently wasn't well received as only one is currently known about. Sears almost discouraged its sales of the 1 by strongly commenting about the need to be sure to buy a large enough engine.

There is another mystery. The 2 HP model C engines have three raised tapped bosses on the base below the igniter area. No explanation for them is currently known. A Remy low tension magneto is offered in the catalogs and shown in instruction literature but there never is any indication of how it is mounted or installed. Perhaps these bosses were for a magneto mounting. Who knows?