The Search For My Grandfather's Engine

| October/November 1994

P.O. Box 6, Wilmington, Vermont 05363

I would like to locate a certain engine. It belonged to my grandfather, who was a dairy farmer in Tunbridge, Vermont. I remember it well: a 6 HP Jumbo, equipped with a Webster magneto.

I do not know the serial number or the date that it was purchased. I do know that it was purchased from the Sargeant Osgood & Roundy Company in Randolph, Vermont. This company, known as 'The Foundry,' manufactured plows, cultivators, other horse drawn farm implements and both circular and drag type wood saws. The implements made by this company were known as 'Randolph' implements. The company also sold other farm related machinery, made by other manufacturers, including the Jumbo engines.

The Sargeant Osgood & Roundy Company went out of business sometime after World War II. The buildings were purchased by the Vermont Castings Company, manufacturers of modern wood and gas burning stoves.

My grandfather owned several pieces of 'Randolph' equipment, including a cordwood saw.

My first memory of this engine was in 1929, when my parents returned to the 'home farm,' where I had been born, while my father was between jobs.