The Piersen Gas Engine

| February/March 1992

  • The Piersen
    'The Piersen-which establishes a new standard in farm motor construction and efficiency-was designed by Mr. E. B. Cushman. And it is manufactured under his direct supervision.

  • The Piersen

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In the book American Gas Engines by Mr. C. H. Wendel, page 394, is a write-up of the Piersen farm motor. A photograph of the engine was not available at the time the book was published.

Recently, while attending an antique show, I was searching through stacks of old magazines of one of the dealers. I especially like old farm magazines and found some copies of the Country Gentleman magazine, which was published in the early part of this century. In the issue of July 19, 1919, page 25, I found a full page advertisement of the Piersen farm motor, including a photograph of the engine. This advertisement is shown in the accompanying picture.

Since the printed material in a reproduced picture is oftentimes not readable, I will quote it:

'The Superior Piersen- an All-Around Farm Motor of a higher type.

'The superiority of the Piersen is acknowledged by those who have seen it in operation-who have seen the high degree of skill employed in its construction.