The Ottawa

| May/June 1998

  • 6 HP Wisconsin air-cooled engine

  • 6 HP Wisconsin air-cooled engine

81 State Street Groveton, New Hampshire 03582

The Ottawa is a 6 HP Wisconsin air-cooled engine. It was made in the '40s for an Ottawa saw rig. Dad bought this engine from Punk Christie. Punk had the Ottawa in tip-top shape. He is well known for his self-learned tinkering skills. Most of the time this engine starts very well, but it can be temperamental.

I used the engine on a homemade buggy. It had good power for a 6 HP motor. Then it was used as a VW engine starter. I had a ' V belt pulley welded to the VW's generator pulley. There was very little reduction in this setup. Every once in a while something would get bound up. The ' V belt was no match for the Ottawa and when the smoke cleared, the Ottawa was still running. The Ottawa has always been called Punk's Motor.