| September/October 1984

1766 McGraft Street Muskegon, Michigan 49441

I have read so many interesting articles on old engines in the GEM I thought perhaps I should share my experience with a company-owned 9 HP United hit and miss.

It was in the early 1920s or thereabouts that Dad and four other neighbors got together and purchased the engine from a farmer living about 10 miles from our place. This farmer bought a new 4-wheel drive Fitch tractor, made in Big Rapids, and had no further use for the United.

The farmers in the neighborhood had just erected woodstove silos and bought a new IHC silo filler.

This engine was equipped with a buzz rig. The joint owners always helped each other out during wood buzzing and silo filling.

Usually in the first part of January, the owners would meet at our home with their records. Each farmer had his record of the hours that he used the engine. They would place the money at the center of the dining room tableana men the money was equally divided among the members. The ones who used the engine very little got more money back from the kitty than they contributed.