The Oil Field Engine News

| March/April 2001

Oil Field Engine

Jerry Smith's Bessemer.

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I am happy to report that the society has been getting lots of requests for membership from the readers of the Oil Field Engine News. Also some of the members have been very nice to send stories and photos of their engines and experiences to share with everyone in the column. If anyone has something to share, please send it in to the society and I'll get it in the news; keep those letters coming, it has been great!

This month we have correspondence from Don Anderson of Prescott, Arizona; Jerry Smith of Jamestown, Kentucky; and Bruce Dixon of Grand Ledge, Michigan.

Lastly, if anyone wants an O.F.E.S. membership card, call or write; membership is free.

BRUCE DIXON, Grand Ledge, Michigan, sends this: 'Mr. Farmer, I read your article in the December 2000 GEM. It reminded me of something of my experience with oil well engines. I don't own one, but helped a very good friend to bring them home. My friend Tom Hart dealt for a 25 HP Franklin valveless. It was still on the oil well when we got it. It had a large clutch on one side, and also has 62 inch flywheels. We drove to northern Michigan with a two wheel pickup and triple axle trailer. We removed the clutch, jacked up the engine, rolled it on the flywheels, loaded it on the trailer, simple! We moved about ten feet and the trailer sank into the sand!

'We came home the next weekend and we towed the Jeep with winch, tied the Jeep to a tree, winched the engine trailer to hard ground. We hooked it to a four wheel pickup, drove the Jeep home. It took us three weekends to get the Franklin. So much for the Franklin.