The Nori Parcs Engine

(Read It Backwards!)

| December/January 1989

1148 La Casa Avenue, Yuba City, California 95991

Some time ago, after having finished restoring an engine, after much hard work and fussing in the hope of getting everything just right, I was talking to one of our club members at one of our gas-ups.

He was showing a beautifully restored engine with every detail finished to perfection and mounted on varnished beams and a nice set of wheels.

However, he did not seem to be as happy with his project as you would expect, and he went on to tell me that he had worked so hard and worried so much about getting everything just right that he had burned himself out and he was not going to restore any more engines.

Hearing that, and considering my own feelings about some of my projects, made me wonder if some of us might take it all too seriously and maybe it was time to lighten up and have some fun with it.

And that was the inspiration for the Nori Parcs Engine. Nori Parcs read backwards reads 'scrap iron,' and that is what I built, an engine from the scrap and junk that was lying around the place.