The Model Halt 75

| August/September 1989

  • Don and Kathy Hunter's restored Holt 75.
    Don and Kathy Hunter's restored Holt 75.
  • Holt 75 with a Holt Land Leveler.
    Holt 75 with a Holt Land Leveler.

  • Don and Kathy Hunter's restored Holt 75.
  • Holt 75 with a Holt Land Leveler.

1608 W. Cherry St. Kissimmee, Florida 32741

This story takes place in California and was told to me by Lloyd Mattusitch in December 1987. Lloyd survives his older brother Glenn and their father, George Mattusitch.

George Mattusitch had a brother named John and they were very much alike in the way they approached life, in that everything had to be done yesterday. It seemed as though they never walked anywhere, but were always in a trot, or it seemed so. Hence they were nicknamed the 'Rush Brothers', and were well known at the Holt Manufacturing Shops in Stockton. Benjamin Holt was the founder of Holt Brothers and the name of Holt and Caterpillar are synonymous. Now, George knew Benjamin Holt as a friend as well as sometimes doing field work for him.

One day, in or around the year 1920, George decided to take his two boys with him into Stockton to visit the Holt shops. Lloyd was approximately seven years old at the time. It was only about 25 miles from where they lived in Farmington to the Holt Shops in Stockton, but in those days that was quite an outing, more than likely taking all day.

The Holt Manufacturing Company covered a large area on Aurora Street in Stockton. Actually, this was two city blocks with a square area of approximately 200,000 square feet of shops and storage.

After George finished his business, he took his boys with him to see Ben Holt, and this led them into Ben Holt's private office. The trip to Holt's was one thing, but to go into the main office, this was something else. For a young lad of about seven years old, this event would be a high point in his childhood and would be remembered his entire life.