| May/June 1981

  • 1 HP Stover engine

  • 1 HP Stover engine

91 Misty Meadows Road, Winter Haven, Florida 33880

I was exhibiting several engines at my home engine club and was adjusting the fuel mixture on one of them when someone tapped me on the shoulder and inquired of me: 'Are you Bob Logan?' I replied, 'Yes sir.' 'From Imperial?', he continued. 'Yes sir', I replied, expecting a summons to follow. 'Well' he said, 'I moved into the Brown house eight years ago and there has been a 'little pump' sitting in my cellar and I would like you to have it.' I said I certainly would like to have it and made arrangements to pick it up the following day.

Next day my friend, Howard Miller, and I went to pick up the 'little pump.' To our surprise there was this cute little 1 HP Stover engine complete and all original, covered with about an inch of dust. This was the 'little pump' and all we had to do was to take it home. We cleaned off the dust and dirt and proceeded to take it apart. To our amazement, the valves and rings actually had oil on them and were in near-perfect condition. The only defect we could find was that the igniter had been cracked and welded and was a rather sloppy job. After rewelding the igniter and cleaning the gas tank, the 'little pump' soon ran like a 'Singer Sewing Machine' and became my pride and joy.

I only hope my engine collecting friends have this same kind of luck some day.