The Little Mogul

| November/December 1983

  • Mogul

  • Mogul

10113-106 Avenue, Grand Prairie, Alberta, Canad

When I was out at the farm, over at the neighbor's place in 1978, I saw a big row of old cars, etc. As I was walking through it, I saw three John Deere engines and a strange looking little engine in the grass. I looked closer. It had no paint left, but I saw three oiler cups on it. There were two brassplates-one said 'Mogul, made by McCormick Deering'. But it was smaller than any other McCormick engine I had ever seen. I couldn't believe it!

I asked the owner if he would be willing to sell it and he denied saying he had bought it some twenty years ago. However, it was frozen then and he had a lack of interest in it since he was a Case fan.

So, in 1980 he called me up and asked if I was still interested. Yes! I hauled my purchases home and six months later started dismantling the little Mogul. What a task! The head was frozen. I had to use a chisel to get it off. The piston was stuck so badly I had to take the rod bolts out, then drive the piston sleeve and press out the piston. Of course, it broke-after pressure. So I got a Wisconsin piston to work. I also got new rings and pressed one flywheel, took it apart and cleaned it up. I have since repainted it and all new decals are displayed. The main bearings cleaned up very nicely and were not in too bad shape. I was even able to obtain a copy of the owner's manual. I really don't think there were many models like this made!