The Link Between

| January/February 1991

  • Gears, Push-rod, Ignition'

  • Gears, Push-rod, Ignition'

604 East 8th, Lyndon, Kansas 66451.

This is a photo of my recently restored Standard Gas Engine. This engine should provide a link between Standard Gas Engine Company and the C.H. &. E. Manufacturing Company, both of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. An interesting point is that these engines are called left-handed; the starting crank, gears, push-rod, and ignition are all on the opposite side from most engines.

This engine was purchased sight unseen from a GEM advertiser in Canada (a foolhardy practice, I admit). From Canada, this engine traveled to the Portland Show, where my friend, Joe, picked up the engine and brought it to his home in Missouri, where I retrieved it. (In Portland, Joe had to hide the engine in his truck, so people would quit asking him to sell it.)

Upon close inspection, a six-inch long crack was found on the outside of the block. After the head was removed, two large bronze welds were found in the combustion area. This called for the engine to be bored and sleeved. The piston could not be removed through the head because of the welds. Consequently, someone in the past years had taken a hack saw to the main bearing bosses, to widen the frame, so the piston could be removed through the back. The piston also had three holes filed in it that had to be welded.

The carburetor was also missing. On this engine, the carb does not fit directly in the beginning intake air stream as most engines, but rather in the intake valve pocket like an injector. I used a carb for a Faultless engine that my friend, Wayne, had cast.

After the major problems were overcome, the rest of the restoration went pretty much as normal: new valves, new rings, rebuilt ignition system, and paint. The paint scheme was copied from an engine club member who has a C.H.&E.