The Lawn Ornament

A 1918 IHC Mogul 1 HP, s/n W25692

| April/May 2002

Mogul engine

The Mogul as found. Not a bad looking lawn ornament!

It was in the spring of 2000 that I came upon my first engine. I was rototilling a garden for a lady who told me she wanted to get rid of this eyesore of a lawn ornament she had. I had never seen one before and did not know what it was. We talked about it for a while and I went on my way.

She called me a couple of days later and said if I rototilled her garden for free in the fall I could take the lawn ornament now. A few days later I went to pick up the engine. I tried to lift it but it was too heavy, so the lady's neighbors helped me lift it into the back of my truck. When I got home I was not sure what to do with it so I decided to search the Internet for information.

I typed in the engine name from the tag it had into a search engine - 1 HP IHC Mogul, s/n W25692. Several web sites came up with pictures of Mogul engines in mint shape. I thought this was pretty neat, so I e-mailed a few guys who had web sites. Larry Holderman from Indiana replied, and sometimes I think he must be sorry he responded because I asked him a thousand questions via e-mail!

The engine was mostly complete so I decided to restore it, and Larry talked me through all the steps of my first restoration. I purchased a reproduction igniter from Starbolt. The IHC Type 'R' magneto was no good, so I used an IHC Type 'L' mag instead. Mitch Malcolm sells a gear to adapt the more common Type 'L' mag to the Mogul, which normally takes the Type 'R' mag.

The Mogul is complete and I have since restored a few more engines. Currently, I am working on a Stover CT-1 from 1929 and a Rawleigh 1 HP engine from 1916.

Now I have 'Rusty Iron Fever' and I can't get enough! Thanks to Larry for his help and to Peter Warenko and Bill Sherlock for their help here in Canada. If anyone can help out with Rawleigh piston and rod measurements, I would really appreciate it.