The King of All Small Engines:

The ''New Way'' One Horse Engine and Pumper

| June/July 1998

New-Way engine

1108 Emory Lane, Clarksville, IN 47129 sent us a New Way brochure which had been distributed by the Stephen B. Church firm of Seymour, Connecticut. All the illustrations on these two pages are taken from the brochure, which beautifully and precisely illustrates the various uses to which the engine may be put. Here is the engine's description from the brochure:

Aircooled: The 'New-Way' system of cooling direct by air (patented) provides our honeycomb cylinder with an immense amount of surface for radiating the heat which is driven away by a strong blast of air, keeping the cylinder at the proper temperature to produce maximum power with the least fuel. Every so called water cooled engine is cooled indirectly by air striking the radiating surface of the water tank.

No Water: this obsolete method means that the cylinder is cooled by water which must in turn be cooled by air. The 'New-Way' direct method cools better and eliminates water, its piping and attendant troubles, cylinders broken by freezing, water hauling, etc.

Closed Crank Case: Crank case is enclosed, protecting cyliner, crank shaft and piston from dirt and dust, insuring long life.

Lubrication: All main bearings and connecting rod are oiled by splash system and in crank case. Oiling is always sure and minimum care required to keep it lubricated.

Parts: All of best obtainable material, machined to jigs and templates, so that all parts are interchangeable. The same high-grade workmanship that has made 'New-Way' engines famous.