The KALAMAZOO Engine of Michigan

| December/January 1994

  • Burtt hopper HP engines

  • Burtt hopper HP engines

34361 Schwartz Road, Avon, Ohio 44011

This unusual looking engine turned up in a couple places while I was researching material for a book on antique engines. The ad is a copy of the manufacturer's advertising used in many of the trade magazines from the period 1909 until 1914. The Burtt Manufacturing Company used this advertisement for the 2 HP spark plug fired engine in hopes of mail order sales. A close look at the ad shows that the engine was painted and trimmed in a very elaborate fashion. The picture of one of the surviving Burtt hopper cooled 2 HP engines shows how ornate the engine really was. While walking around viewing other engines I remember that the height of the engine compared to the width and length seemed somewhat out of proportion.

Did the base of this engine catch your eye? Notice the distance from the bottom of the base or the cart in the photo to the cylinder head or the center of the crank shaft. The gas tank is hidden in the base of the engine. The length of connecting rod and distance to the crank shaft were also observed to be very compact.

I'd like to ask all you readers out there who have any old advertising information, photos, magazines, manufacturers advertising or manuals on rare engines to contact me. I'm interested in completing a reference book for our antique engines. Any research information that might help add to gas engine history would be appreciated. Please contact me by phone, mail, or visit. Our hobby needs your help to complete these stories and add more to the overall printed information on the early internal combustion engines here in America.