The Hubbard 1912

| August/September 2000

Haupstrasse 92 A-2492 Zillingdorf, Austria

Some time ago I fell in love with those old marine one lungers. I started to collect information on Palmer engines, which I still do. In the meantime, I read James Mills' article in the January 1999 GEM about the restoration of his Hubbard. As this engine looks very nice, I decided to build one like it and contacted Jim. He was very helpful and made some photo sets and also measured the complete engine for me. Scale should be 1:5 to have it suitable for a model boat. The flywheel is 3' 3' in diameter and the engine stands 57/8' tall.

Now, I started to make the models and patterns. This was not very difficult. Very essential is to get all the nice details which makes the original appearance. Also the small crankcase covers have the letters 'Hubbard' cast in them.

I also made a corebox for all internals, water passages and ports. The first casting was a success (it was not my first one) and it turned out very good and accurate.

Let us have a look to the technique of the model engine:

The engine runs between 400 rpm and 1600 rpm. There is more than enough power for a scale boat with three feet or more. This slow runner is developed for power at low revs. Therefore, it has short timing and low compression.