The Hercules Engine News

| September/October 2000

Economy engine


20601 Old State Road, Haubstadt, Indiana 47639

Every now and then while at an antique machinery show a spectator will ask, 'What were these engines used for?' Then it is necessary to explain to them that their use was primarily in areas where there was no electricity available and there was a need for a power supply.

Shown here are uses that two show exhibitors have for their gas engines. Picture #1 is of a 1917 1? HP model E Economy engine running a peanut roaster. This unique outfit was shown by Buck Anthony of Brookville, Pennsylvania.

Picture # 2 shows a 1923 l ? HP model FW Hercules engine belted to a heavy duty water pump. This unit was displayed by William Shields of Rochester Mills, Pennsylvania.

In Canada Hercules 'look alike' engines were produced by the Plessisville Foundry at Plessisville, Quebec, from 1919 to 1946. Pictures # 3 and # 4 are two views of engine number 4185, a 7 HP. It was sold under the Forano brand. Forano was a farm equipment distributor. This particular engine was built in 1946, the last year of production, and only nine more were produced after this one before production ceased forever.

Compared to the Hercules-built engines, this engine has two unique features. In picture # 3, the exhaust outlet on the head is shown horizontal rather than out the bottom, thus requiring a different head pattern. The other feature shown in picture # 4 is the speed control lever that is attached to the side of the cylinder casting. This arrangement permitted a more gradual change in the speed setting than the three notch quadrant used on the USA-produced engines.