The Hercules Engine News

7 HP Half Base and Other Projects

| November/December 2001

The 7 HP Economy half base that Karch is using as a base for a replica of an early screen-cooled engine.

Glenn Karch recently started building this straight-framed cart to hold the 7 HP half base engine he's building.

In the last issue it was mentioned that a 7 HP half base engine had been purchased. It is shown in the first picture. It was purchased for the purpose of constructing a replica of the early screen-cooled engine. The original half base engines were discontinued by 1916. The tag is missing, but there is a 1926 casting date on the head. That and a few other features indicate that it was likely made in the mid-1920s. Keep in mind that this will be a replica and not an exact reproduction. The project has begun.

A genuine Hercules screen-cooled engine picture that was taken from an early catalog can be seen on page 35 of the January 2000 issue of GEM. So far, only two of these original screen-cooled engine outfits are known.

The straight-framed cart that is illustrated here in the second photo has been constructed for the new engine project. It is made from a modified orchard sprayer running gear, so it and the engine on it will fit into the bed of a full-sized pickup truck.

As mentioned earlier, the engine was said to have come off a hay baler. It would be interesting to know what brand of hay baler it was. The third picture shows it mounted on the cart frame. Note the 'ears' on the corners of the base. They are a feature never seen before. It is obvious, after careful examination, that the original pattern was modified for this special hay baler-use casting. As you can see in the photograph, new holes were bored to provide the normal 9-inch spacing.