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| May/June 2000

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20601 Old State Road, Haubstadt, Indiana 47639

The question comes up from time to time on just how you can tell a Hercules/Economy cart from those used for some other brands of engines. Beginning now and continuing occasionally will come some cart information. Most carts used on Hercules/Economy engines were apparently built by the Peru Plow and Wheel Company of Peru, Illinois, whose ad you see here.

In the Sears catalogs, it refers to the carts as being shipped from a factory in northern Illinois.

Typically, the large size drop frame cart has the following dimensions:

Length of frame rails

104 inches

Channel iron width

6 inches

Front wheel diameter

24 inches

Rear wheel diameter

32 inches

Width of tire tread

4 inches

Width to outside of wheel rims

58 inches

Width to outside of rails

14 inches

Distance between engine mounting holes

48 inches for 12 HP


42 inches for 9 HP*

* Sometimes the 9 HP was attached to the 12 HP hole spacing by using adapter plates.

There seem, however, to be several variations. Early Sears catalogs list 26 and 36 inch wheel diameters with 5 inch wide tires. There are also some of the large carts that have 120 inch frame rails.